Brief Introduction


 Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Architectural Technology

Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Architectural Technology (JSVIAT)as a provincial government public full-time school, is one of State-level Model Higher Vocational Institute.JSVIAT is located at Xuzhou, the central city in the Huaihai economic zone and one of the three metropolitan areas in JiangsuProvince. JSVIAT’s origin can be traced back to 1979 when “The Third Technology Institute of PLA Capital Construction Engineering Corps” was established. In July 1983, the school was under the management of the former Ministry of coal industry and renamed XuzhouCoalConstructionEngineeringSchool, and then it was upgraded to institute level by China’s Ministry of Education in 1999. In January 2011, the school was officially renamed as Jiangsu Construction Vocational and TechnicalCollege.


Located at Quanshan District in Xuzhou, the college covers an area of 1200 mu (80 hectares) with a gross floor area of 400,000 square meters. The total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is 210 million yuan. JSVIAT has a comprehensive range of fields covering 14 secondary schools, namely,Architectural Construction, Architectural Decoration, Architectural Intelligence, Architectural Management, Transportation Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing, Information and Electronics Engineering, Art and Design, Economic Management, Marxism, General Courses, International Education, Continuing Education, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The school gathers almost 13,000 full-time students, and more than 9,800 registered students of continuing education. Based on the elegant campus environment, superior teaching facilities, and abundant cultural activities, so far, it has been awarded honorary titles of “Jiangsu civilized organization”, “Charming campus of National Vocational Colleges”, “Harmonious campus in Jiangsu Province”, “Safety and peaceful campus in Jiangsu Province”, “Garden-Style College in Jiangsu Province”, “ The first batch of green universities in Xuzhou”,  “Advanced organization of Ideological and political education in Jiangsu Province”.  Noticeably, the college owns the core culture of military, coal and architecture, along with the educational cultural systems of corporation and schoolmate.


To actively implement the strategy of strengthening the college by developing people’s talents, JSVIAT enjoys a gallery of well-qualified staffs. The staff totals more than 795, 71 of whom have professional titles, simultaneously, 277 with associate professional titles, 70 teachers with Phd degrees, and 567 with master degrees. It boasts of one “State-level Outstanding Teaching Team”, five “Provincial-level Outstanding Teaching Team”, six “State-level Model Teacher” and “Provincial-level Model Teacher”, and three “Middle-aged Expert with Prominent Contribution in JiangsuProvince”. There are also four provincial Blue Project scientific and technological innovation teams as well as nine Provincial six talent peaks high level talent training academic team. The school has won the honorary title of “advanced university in JiangsuProvince for the construction of teaching staff” for four times in a row, and is designated as national teacher training base of  higher vocational colleges.


Fundamentally, JSVIAT concentrates on the task of cultivating students with morality, which aims to the connotation construction of specialized courses, and the development of international celebrated majors, brand majors and special local-needed majors. Along with the development of the college, 3 construction professional clusters and 16 major clusters have been constructed. Presently, the college owns 1 national high-level professional group with Chinese characteristics, 4 national demonstration construction programs, 2 central government financially supported construction programs, 4 modern apprenticeship pilot programs from the Ministry of Education, two phase I project approval majors of Jiangsu university brand construction, 7 provincial high-level backbone majors, and 1 special need leading major of Xuzhou City.  JSVIAT has also carried out “3+2” higher vocational step training pilot with Jiangsu Normal University and Nanjing Tech University in the field of Electrical Automation Technology, Hospitality Management, Construction Engineering Technology; “3+3”   secondary vocational joint training pilot in the major of Steel Structural Engineering Technology, Intelligent Building Engineering Technology, Mechanical and Electronic Integration Technology, Quantity Surveying, and Computer Networking Technology with 8 secondary vocational schools in Xuzhou. The college has won 18 teaching achievement prizes and 35 quality courses at state and provincial level, 20 published national planning textbooks of vocational education, and 32 quality textbooks at or above the provincial level. According to the achievements, it has been honorably awarded as the “State-level Advanced Organization of Vocational Education” and “Jiangsu Advanced College of Teaching”.


JSVIAT attaches great importance to the construction of practice teaching conditions for the integration of production, learning, research, training and creation, and creates high-level teaching guarantee conditions. Equipped with 109 laboratories, 6 broad categories of practicing bases, namely, construction engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, information media, economic management, environmental engineering, and mine mechatronics, cover about 100,984 square meters and own  15,737 sets of instruments. At present, there are 2 national training bases of construction engineering technology and coal mine safety technology; 2 provincial vocational integration of industry education training platforms; 1 open shared training base of Jiangsu construction engineering area, 1 concrete structure construction technology municipal vocational education production and education integration training platform, and 1 national vocational skill appraisal institute. The college has built a BIM center and BIM big data innovation base in Huaihai Economic Zone, built a BIM training center of China Housing Construction Association, and newly added 8 1+X professional certificate system pilots. As the leading organization, JSVIAT has established Jiangsu Construction Vocational Education Group and Huaihai Sservice Outsourcing Vocational Education Group, which are “Secretary general organization of Cooperation Association of Higher Vocational Colleges in Huaihai Economic Zone”,  “Director general organization of the National Association of Higher Vocational College Journals”, “National Construction Industry Skills Training Base” and “Jiangsu Construction Industrialization Training Base”.


As the scientific and technological innovation continues to accelerate, the college gives great impetus on its service capabilities and attaches great importance to the integration of industries, schools, research, drills and creation. During the past 5 years, 586 scientific research projects, including 233 horizontal scientific research projects have been successfully approved, more than 23 million yuan and 56 million yuan of technical services have been received. Besides, it has 4 PCT(Patent Cooperation Treaty) , 204 inventions, 1974 patents, 564 software copyrights and 22 construction methods. Supported by the national higher vocational college teacher training base, the national vocational skill appraisal institute and JiangsuProvince construction industrialization talent training base, more than 37,000 people have been successfully trained in the past 3 years. Currently, there is 1 Jiangsu collaborative innovation center and 52 provincial and municipal scientific research platforms. In recent years, JSVIAT has won 69 provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards and science technology awards. The total amount of patent authorization ranks the first in the province’s higher vocational colleges, the second in the country's higher vocational colleges, and the college has won the honorary title of “AdvancedCollege of science and technology in JiangsuProvince” for eight consecutive years


To promote the education internationalization and expand the channels for international communication and cooperation, JSVIAT has built cooperation relationship with 40 overseas higher institutions, such as SouthLanarkshireCollege in the UK, Institute of Technology Carlow in Ireland, QueenslandUniversity in Australia, University of Management and Economics in Cambodia, Technical College of Vientiane Province in Laos. Equipped with 4 Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Projects, JSVIAT also adopts “3+0” and “2+1” programs with top overseas universities, which has admitted more than 700 international students from 19 countries. In addition, JSVIAT is also provincial level unit of “Talents for Special Purpose” in Jiangsu ,the first batch of “China-ASEAN vocational colleges” and Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship. On one hand, the college encourages students to study abroad and there are about 218 students who have the experiences of studying abroad; on the other hand, the college encourages teachers to do the teaching jobs or do some cooperative study abroad and there are 530 teachers who have the experiences of overseas training in more than 20 countries and areas. Besides, JSVIAT has established 5 branch campuses in Laos and Cambodia, where a “China-Cambodia Culture and LanguageResearchCenter” is located. Chinese teachers are responsibly stationed for a long time to provide language and skill training for foreign teachers and students.


With the motto of cultivating students’ comprehensive quality & improving technical skills, and the spirit of pursuing truth and innovation, JSVIAT focuses on training high-quality technical and technical talents who has thick foundation, excellent skills, and strong enough to bear hardships. The college adheres to the principle of “to provide the most suitable education for each student, to make every student get the fullest development”. In recent years, the quality of talents cultivation has increasingly improved. Among all kinds of skill competitions, the students of JSVIAT have achieved remarkable results including 12 state-level first prizes, 13 provincial level first prizes, 17 first prizes in national industry competitions etc. The college insists on employment orientation, so it contributes to building nearly 600 stable training bases, which are technically advanced. Based on the cooperation with 29 well-known large-scale enterprises, the college has set up 50 enterprise-institutions and order-cultivation classes so as to facilitate the emerging of the high-quality technical talents, which are in a short supply. The college has built 36 Domestic Alumni Clubs and 1 Overseas Alumni Association to actively build a platform for the sustainable development of graduates. Graduates of JSVIAT are mainly employed in JiangsuProvince and East of China, and are mostly favored by employers. Many graduates have made achievements in well-known enterprises such as XCMG, Vanke Group, Third Engineering Bureau of China Construction , Eighth Engineering Bureau of China Construction, Tenth Engineering Bureau of China Railway, China Coal Construction Group, etc. According to the survey of authoritative institutions, our graduates' professional counterpart rate, salary, employment competitiveness index, satisfaction & recommendation for alma mater and other data are all in the forefront of similar universities in the province. It’s worth mentioning thatthe college has been honored as the advanced collective of College Students' employment work in Jiangsu Province for 8 consecutive years and its famous employment pracitices has evaluated as the model college by the Ministry of Education.


In recent years, JSVIAT has been rated as one of the top 50 Vocational Colleges in China in terms of Employment, Teaching Resources, Social Service Contribution, International Influence and Influence in Asia Pacific vocational colleges. In September 2017, the college party committee put forward  building a first-class national famous vocational school  as the goal , and planned to implement six development strategies , that is  strengthening the school with talents, innovation and promotion, serving the local areas, informatization, internationalization and happiness sharing to accelerate the college overall development . Entering a new era, JSVIAT will further emancipate their minds, comprehensively deepen reform, take morality education as the fundamental task, strive to promote high-quality development, and strive to build a first-class national famous vocational college.